Logistic information
① AI identification

Buy goods on e-commerce platforms in China, and then express the package to our warehouse.

There is no need to predict package in system. After the package arrives at the warehouse, the system will intelligently identify the owner of the package. As long as you login , you will see all the package registered in your name.

② By air or by sea

Login the system, select the package and channel, fill in the shipping address and customs declaration information to make the order.

Small objects are transported by air, which is fast and efficient

Large objects are transported by sea and the price is cheap

Buy insurance for valuables and make it be safe

③ Pack and send out

After your order is paid, warehouse will pack and send out your package according to the channel you choose.

We will provide connote number to you for tracking the location of goods.

④ Wait for delivery

The package arrives in your country after international long-distance transportation

The local courier will deliver the package safely according to the receiving address.

Registration and login

Warehouse address

Package and Order


Pay the order

Tracking Logistic information

Fee estimate

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